Who’s hiring in WordPress?

It's always great when people can get hooked up to work together. I consistently find people looking for WordPress developers, for both full time positions and contract work. Periodically, I also see folks looking for new opportunities.

I'd like to start a periodic thread for these groups to get connected. To participate, simply comment on this post, with as much of the following information you care to share:

  • Hiring or hireable
  • Full time or contract
  • Genre of WordPress related work
  • Remote or on location
  • Link to resume, portfolio or job description
  • Preferred start date
  • Estimated budget / salary range
  • Means for contacting you

Please be nice. This is an experiment. Also, please list serious projects and jobs only. Not speculative work, and try to keep it to full-on projects. Avoid tweaks or help or maintenance.  Share full builds at a minimum, with a preference for full time positions. If I don't like what I see, I won't hesitate to delete the comment.

I'd post these at the most once per month. Let's see how this one goes.