Customer Happiness Buff @ WP Buffs

Lead the charge on our support desk. Manage a small team of developers. Make customers smile. Win the day!

WP Buffs is the very best technical support partner for any individual, business or organization with a WordPress website. Building strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers is our highest priority. We’re looking to add a team member who can make the priorities of our customers their own. Your ultimate goals are happy customers and magnificent WordPress websites. Boom!

You will take the lead on our support desk. This position is the very first line of contact for the majority of our customers when they need edits to their website. That’s why you’re someone who always wants to put a smile on somebody’s face. Our customers already have fully-functioning WordPress websites; it’s your job to make sure any edits they need are taken care of.

You will also be managing a small team of WordPress developers. You know a bit about WordPress and feel confident you can find the very best WordPress-specific solution for their needs. These solutions can come from your experience or your online research; it doesn’t matter as long as customers get what they need. Once a solutions has been found, you can hand the task over to our development team until it’s time to send a Mission Accomplished reply to the customer.

The types of support requests range from highly technical to conversational. You will mostly deal with folks who are not very WordPress saavy, but there are some who are. That’s why you understand your job is to provide answers, insights, and solutions, not guide customers to find their own answers.

You will also be in charge of on-boarding new customers. This amounts to a large checklist of tasks required for all new customers and is something you will be trained to do. Your job will be to make sure our development team has everything they need to secure, speed up and provide ongoing support for all our customers.

Even more important than your responsibilities is how you fit into our team here at WP Buffs. Living and breathing our values and principles is an absolute requirement for any new recruit.

  • Everything is delivered on-time. Always. — Whether we’re talking about small content edits or an e-commerce shopping cart installation, projects for customers are always delivered on-time. Prioritizing the needs of our customers is our #1 priority.
  • Be entrepreneurial — Think like an entrepreneur. Make decisions like an entrepreneur. That means asking questions when you don’t know the answer and taking action yourself when customer edits are due.
  • Constraints bring out creativity — Whether it’s deadlines, money or technology, we embrace constraints and use them to fuel creative decisions.
  • High bar for quality — We sweat the details. Our bar for quality borders perfectionism. The result of obsessing over the small parts is the whole becomes exponentially stronger.
  • Relentless focus on success — The only way the businesses we serve can succeed is if we succeed.
  • Strong sense of purpose — We’re here to make a difference and that purpose drives us each day to make a better product and a better place to work.
  • Think differently — Our customers might ask for something that’s not the best way to implement something within WordPress. It may even be totally wrong! When customers send us edits that don’t make sense, we will politely advise them to go a different route and present them with other options that will work within WordPress to accomplish their requirements.

This is a listing for a part-time job but can become a full-time position for someone who displays exceptional performance.

This position is a great fit for someone who:

  • Understands the structural functionality of WordPress
  • Is a self-starter who loves to deliver sustainable solutions
  • Enjoys tackling a wide variety of problems over a large range of topics
  • Demonstrates an ability to adapt and incorporate feedback from others
  • Has experience troubleshooting simple WordPress and hosting issues
  • Is capable of setting realistic expectations and boundaries for customers
  • Is a fast learner
  • Can work on multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Is excited about working with a remote team
  • Wants a flexible job that’s not a traditional 9-5
  • Appreciates emojis and gifs


  • Firm grasp of the English language through email support
  • Minimum 3 years in WordPress
  • Available 7 days a week (more frequently Mon-Fri, less frequently Sat-Sun)
  • Checking in at least 3x / day to assign tickets and reply to customers gets your blood pumping
  • Time management skills
  • Experience logging into customer sites
  • Experience troubleshooting issues within the WordPress dashboard
  • Minimal experience logging into + moving around hosting provider dashboards

Success in this position looks like:

  • Timely communication with customers on their questions and issues
  • Timely resolution or escalation of issues where appropriate
  • Up-to-date notes and information on customer records

What we expect:

  • Confident and positive engagement with customers
  • Active participation in WP Buffs internal team chat
  • Feedback and contribution to the team so we can all learn
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Transparency with workload or needs

All WP Buffs team members are required to own their work and tasks. You must be able to give feedback as well as take it. Again, communication is crucial to our team, internally as well as externally.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us the following to apply:

  • Who are you?
  • What’s your favorite post from the WP Buffs blog and why?
  • What was your last big adventure?
  • What’s your next big adventure?
  • What are your hourly salary requirements?