Customer Support @ SearchWP

Combine your friendliness and technical WordPress knowledge to help SearchWP customers get things done!

SearchWP is actively looking to fill a part time customer support role. Support tickets require a certain level of technical knowledge, and you’ll be asked to utilize your existing WordPress development skills to help existing and prospective SearchWP customers improve search on their WordPress site.

What is SearchWP? What does it do?

SearchWP is a WordPress plugin that automatically takes over native WordPress searches and provides more relevant results. SearchWP customers are seeking to improve their on-site search by customizing which post type(s) are included in search, and what content (e.g. Custom Fields, taxonomies, etc) contributes to search results.

Job Overview

An overview of job requirements includes:

  • Part time availability (up to 25 hours per week) on your schedule, spread throughout the week
  • Strong communication skills
  • Technical WordPress and PHP skills

Your responsibilities would include direct interaction with customers (with assistance whenever necessary) in responding to their technical questions having to do with how SearchWP works, how to implement customizations using the extensive hooks system, and other technical issues that may arise having to do with either indexing and/or searching.

A familiarity with WordPress development makes a great candidate for this position! Advanced development experience is not required, but tickets often involve customization of hooks and/or other code-based customizations.

Support is provided via a ticket system built directly into the SearchWP settings screen, powered by HelpScout. Communication with customers will take place over email (via HelpScout) or directly within the HelpScout interface itself.

You will also be required to answer many of the pre-sales questions that are submitted to the ticketing system.

Typical support exchanges

Many SearchWP customers are interested in making use of the various Extensions available to them, or need help discovering what hook will work best to accomplish their goal. Your knowledge of SearchWP’s Extensions and Hooks will be a great asset for SearchWP customers.

Tickets usually involve exchanging code snippets directly related to the question/problem at hand, and the average ticket includes 2-3 responses from customer support before being closed.


Customer support is a big reason SearchWP customers are SearchWP customers. You will be expected to continue that trend with timely, well-written responses that directly answer concerns brought up in the ticket. Responses should be straightforward, to the point, and most importantly helpful.

You will not be expected to understand SearchWP’s codebase line-by-line. Tickets relating to bugs in SearchWP or any SearchWP extension will not necessarily be your responsibility (unless you’re interested in that!) and will be assigned elsewhere.

It is important that you are able to work with SearchWP customers to clearly define the problem at hand, quickly identifying a direction in which to work toward a solution.

As a subcontractor you will be responsible for logging time and submitting an invoice bi-weekly using your chosen method of invoice, to be paid by SearchWP to you via PayPal.


  • Great written communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management skills
  • Experience with writing PHP and working with MySQL, specifically in the context of WordPress
  • Experience logging into and debugging existing customer websites
  • Available Monday – Friday, checking tickets at least once every 24 hours during that time

Ready to apply?

Does it sound like you’d enjoy helping SearchWP customers? Send an email including:

  • Your availability
  • Description of any relevant experience
  • Information about you, including the number of stickers on your computer
  • Relevant links (e.g. GitHub, profile, Twitter, personal site, etc.)