The Legend of the Headless Website — Post Status Live with Brad Williams, Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Greg Rickaby, and Amor Kumar


Join us as we delve into the (not so spooky) “Legend of the Headless WordPress Website!”


📅 Oct 28, 2021 12:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

This fun event is geared towards anyone interested in learning more about the benefits of a Headless/Decoupled WordPress setup!


  • What is a Headless WordPress Website?
  • Considerations when deciding if Headless is a good approach for you.
  • Learn how a Headless approach can be faster, more secure, and more scalable.
  • Supporting advanced functionality like contact forms and user input.
  • Recommended tools, hosting providers, and partners.


  • Brad Williams – CEO / Co-founder, WebDevStudios
  • Lisa Sabin-Wilson – COO / Co-founder, WebDevStudios
  • Greg Rickaby – Director of Engineering, WebDevStudios
  • Amor Kumar – Frontend Engineer / Headless Specialist, WebDevStudios

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