What's your WordPress job title?

What’s your WordPress job title?

Job titles can be confusing. If you’ve ever tried to hire a WordPress consultant to build you a website, or you’ve had inquiries about your services, you’ve likely encountered some level of confusion trying to decipher what an individual (or yourself) offers based on your title. I’ve historically called myself a WordPress Developer. Other common […]

On WordPress news sites

On WordPress news sites

There has been a bit of talk about WordPress news sites recently. WPMU has done a pretty good summary of the recent DradCast podcast episode hosted by WP Tavern‘s Jeff Chandler. It tells the story of Jeff’s journey running the Tavern and then selling it. I’m glad how it was sold is finally out in […]

What do y’all think about a periodic job thread?

There’s a lot of moving and shaking in the WordPress community. Would a jobs thread here be beneficial? As a place where job seekers could post that they’re looking for work and / or available employers could post that they have positions available? I think a good method for this might be  a “who’s hiring” […]