Post Status Excerpt (No. 16) β€” Syed Balkhi on Acquiring SearchWP

Syed Balkhi with David Bisset on The Excerpt

Syed Balkhi talks with David about his acquisition of SearchWP, his vision for the plugin, and he calls for developers to stay mission-focused.

“Understanding who you are and who you are not goes a long way.”

In this episode of Post Status Excerpt, David Bisset talks with Syed Balkhi about the acquisition of SearchWP by Awesome Motive. We get a little behind-the-scenes information ahout how this deal came to be. Syed shares his thoughts on how SearchWP fits in with Awesome Motive's brand and vision of providing support to small businesses.

Also covered in this episode: Syed talks about “plugin developers and entrepreneurs being true” to their mission when it comes to growing and monetizing their products and plugins.

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