Post Status Excerpt (No. 18) — Is Growth Of Active Plugin Installs On The Decline?

The Post Status Excerpt Podcast

David and Cory discuss a blog post David published at Post Status showing the growth of active installs of WordPress plugins declining in 2021.

Many plugins in the repository have shown a significant drop in active install growth this year.

In this episode of Post Status Excerpt, David Bisset and Cory Miller focus on a blog post David published on July 23rd at Post Status entitled “Is The Growth Of Active Installs of WordPress Plugins Declining in 2021?” Since about May or early June, the overall trends for some of the most popular and well-known plugins’ “active install growth” (as reported by are pointing generally downward — their growth is in decline. 📉

Also covered in this episode: Cory shares what he observed at iThemes regarding sales trends and how it might be related to the trends reported by Post Status. David thanks Iain Poulson for backing his observations with some solid numbers.

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