Post Status Excerpt (No. 33) — The Next Chapter For In-Person WordCamps

Excerpt #32 Ryan Marks and Nathan Ingram

David talks with Nathan Ingram and Ryan Marks about WordCamp Birmingham’s 2022 reboot after nearly two years of no live WP events anywhere.

“I expect the hallway track to be pretty busy during this event.” —Nathan Ingram

In this episode of Post Status Excerpt, David talks with special guests Nathan Ingram and Ryan Marks about WordCamp Birmingham 2022 — one of the first in-person WordCamps after almost two years of no live events anywhere in the world. With 200+ people expected to attend, Nathan and Ryan talk about the safeguards that will be in place, how they are managing expectations, how their sponsorships are being handled, the role of hybrid events, and how WordCamp Birmingham's reboot is being received in the WordPress community.

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