Post Status Excerpt (No. 7) — Frustrations With Admin Notices

Cory Miller and David Bisset host the Post Status Excerpt Podcast

In Post Status Excerpt #7, David Bisset and Cory Miller talk about Cory’s recent negative experiences with admin notices in the dashboard.

Are you fed up with out of control Admin Notices in the WordPress dashboard? Us too.

In this episode of Post Status Excerpt, David Bisset and Cory Miller talk about Cory's recent negative experiences with admin notices in the WordPress dashboard. If the WordPress community cannot control and improve upon the location, frequency, language, and other aspects of notifications and notices inside the WordPress admin interface, the experience will continue to degrade for users, and Cory thinks will step in.

Also covered: David finds the animated GIFs (pronounced however David said it) starting to annoy him in the WordPress plugin repository.

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