Senior Web Engineer @ CauseLabs

We’re currently seeking a U.S. based (remote) Senior Web Engineer with a passion for Open Source technology and a commitment to excellence to join our engineering team.

We’re looking for someone who is passionate about solving complex problems and confidently manages competing tasks on their own while also embracing collaboration amongst their team.

As a CauseLabs Senior Web Engineer, you must have advanced knowledge of PHP and Javascript along with experience in building performant web applications at scale. You must also be familiar with systems design and configuration. Your written and verbal communication skills must be top-notch and you must value collaboration over going it alone.

In addition to your advanced engineering skills, you must be skilled in architecting engineering approaches and providing accurate estimates for prospective work assignments. You must be able to demonstrate a history of accurate delivery of projects while remaining within scope and on budget.

The salary range for this position is $80,000 – $100,000 DOE plus a generous benefits package that includes 6 weeks paid time off (vacation, sick, and holidays), 100% paid healthcare with a 100% paid family care option, 401k match, flexible work days and more.


Strong hands-on experience with our core technologies is a must. In particular, you must:

  • Be passionate about your profession and creating a better world.
  • Have at least five years of experience focused in back end web development.
  • Possess advanced knowledge of front end web development approaches.
  • Possess advanced or expert level skills in a range of technologies including, but not limited to: PHP, JavaScript, React.js, jQuery, WordPress, HTML, CSS.
  • Have experience building and interacting with RESTful APIs.
  • Possess expert level skills in delivering well-tested, quality code on time and on budget.
  • Have experience in debugging technical, performance, and caching issues.
  • Have experience with version control via Git and its varied branching strategies.
  • Have experience with build tools such as Composer, npm/yarn, and webpack.
  • Work collaboratively with all team members and be able to communicate technical information in a non-technical manner.
  • Be able to set up and maintain your own local development environment.
  • Possess generalized knowledge of cloud hosting platforms like AWS.
  • Have experience working remotely as part of a team.

Technologies we regularly employ:

  • PHP (WordPress, headless WordPress, Laravel)
  • Javascript (ES6, React.js, JQuery, VueJS)
  • Databases (MySQL, MariaDB)
  • Git (Bitbucket, GitHub)
  • CSS (CSS3, Sass, Tailwind, Bootstrap, Materialize)
  • Hosting (AWS/Linux, Google Cloud, WP Engine)
  • JIRA, Slack, Zoom, G Suite

Key Responsibilities

  • Working collaboratively to deliver elegant solutions to complex technical problems.
  • Creating custom user interfaces powered by WordPress.
  • Integrating third-party APIs for critical interactivity.
  • Extending the WordPress admin experience for enterprise applications.
  • Providing estimates for prospective work assignments.
  • Providing peer-reviews for other team members’ code.
  • Resolving bug reports from clients in a timely manner.
  • Actively participate in our company culture-based activities.
  • Accurately tracking and logging your time.
  • Meet assigned deadlines in accordance with project requirements.

What to Expect

A day in the life of a CauseLabs Engineer can vary widely. You might find yourself:

  • Hands-on with application development
  • Talking through the best approach for a particular feature implementation with other engineers
  • Collaborating with project team members to find ideal solutions to roadblocks and challenges
  • Troubleshooting a defect ticket on a familiar or unfamiliar project
  • Providing a code review for another team member
  • Setting up a new server in a client’s cloud infrastructure to run their web application
  • Working with leadership to develop standards and best practices

On a typical client project you’ll find yourself working within a small project team consisting of a project manager, creative strategist, and one or more engineers (hey, that’s you!) that will work closely and collaboratively with clients to achieve the project goals. You’ll also work closely with leadership to help shape our systems and processes to ensure that the team is producing quality work. You’ll be a core part of our growth as we continue to serve and lead our market.

About CauseLabs

CauseLabs is a digital services agency specialized in strategic problem solving and complex platform design and development for world-changing organizations.

Our core focus is to Grow Positive Impact and we do so by leveraging technology as a force for good while delivering amazing client experiences. We understand the unique challenges of the nonprofit and social enterprise sectors and partner with innovative organizations to build websites, web applications, and platforms that deliver impact-driven, scalable results.

In partnership with a diverse portfolio of nonprofit and social enterprise organizations, our work has impacted the lives of over 250 million people globally.

Notable notes:

  • We’ve been around since 2003
  • Woman/Veteran/Minority/Family-owned and operated
  • We’re an award winning company focused on employee and customer happiness
  • We’re profitable, growing and projected to continue the trend
  • We’re leaders in our market

We’re a growing distributed team with our home office anchored in Fort Worth, Texas next door to some amazing tex-mex restaurants and historic stockyards. Learn more about us at and our Careers page.

CauseLabber Life

We’re a small team that places a high value on doing good in our world. We are distributed across the United States with CauseLabbers in most every time-zone yet still come together daily to create a family-like culture.

On a typical day in the “office” you might find yourself:

  • Joining our morning social huddle to discuss a question of the day like “What’s your clown name and why?” or “What do you think of our meeting culture and how might we improve it?”
  • Checking in with our Slack-based standup
  • Taking part in a client meeting to discuss project ideas or roadblocks
  • Debating which bear is actually best
  • Collaborating via JIRA, Slack, Zoom, or email with other CauseLabbers and clients
  • Defending your honor with your best gif
  • Going heads down on a tough technical challenge

Our Hiring Process

Being a distributed company poses some distinct challenges to hiring qualified CauseLabbers. We utilize modern tools to help us quickly assess potential team members in a way that we think is fair to all.

There are several stages to our hiring process and it can take several weeks before we make our final decisions. The first stage is determining your fit with our company mission and culture. For more technical roles, this is followed by a technical skills review which may consist of skills assessments, practical exercises, code reviews and a technical interview. Lastly, you will interview directly with the executive team before an offer is extended.

We appreciate your time and thank you for considering CauseLabs!