Digital Wrangler @ Cory Miller Consulting LLC

I’m looking for someone to work directly with me on multiple projects as a virtual assistant.

I’m looking for someone to work with me to wrangle the multiple projects I’m a part of, which includes Post Status, Commerce Journey, Digital Marketing Kitchen, The Vida Bars and Business Value Academy, among others.

What I really need is a sidekick who will help me fight crime, save kittens from trees …. oh wait … just Make People’s Lives Awesome.

The nuts and bolts …

  • Remote / Work from Home gig
  • ~20 hours a week on contract to start (my hope is it builds into a full-time gig)
  • $15-20 an hour depending on experience, etc
  • Fairly set schedule to start in order to get synced up and see how we communicate and collaborate together and ultimately find a great routine
  • Working directly with me

Some of the things you’d be doing regularly ….

  • Regular collaborating and communicating on Slack chats and Zoom meetings with me and my partners
  • Editing, scheduling, publishing blog posts and email newsletters
  • Setting up things like Zoom Webinars
  • Planning out content for various projects
  • Responding to inquiries across my projects
  • Always other duties as assigned

Some of the gig requirements ….

  • Trust is paramount (and mutual)
  • Reliability, consistency, availability, dependability
  • Tech savvy … don’t have to be an expert … but quick learner, with some on the job training
  • WordPress experience is a must
  • Familiarization with Google Docs, Slides, Sheets … and Social Media (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Willingness to learn and grow

Gig benefits …

  • Collaborate and contribute, utilizing your strengths in impactful ways
  • Learn digital marketing and publishing on the fly
  • Be a part of something that is growing
  • Never get bored
  • Create your own fancy or funny title