TinyBit frontend developer @ TinyBit

We’re looking for a frontend developer with a strong design sense and appreciation of utility-first CSS.

TinyBit is made up of Pinch of Yum, Food Blogger Pro, Nutrifox, and WP Tasty. We are a tight-knit team that loves food (obviously!), prioritizes kindness and gratitude, and works remotely all over the US and Canada.

As a company, our purpose is to help people get a tiny bit better, every day, forever.

As a team, we are artists, creators, and craftspeople who take pride in the work they do and who are constantly thinking about how the products or services we are creating help improve someone’s life or business.

As individuals, we want to do great work with a big impact.

We’d like to add a frontend developer to our team! This is a part-time, contract position to start (10-20 hours per week).

You’d be a good fit if you have:

  • Design sense. Our biggest need is for someone who has a strong sense of aesthetics and is able to translate design comps into web reality with a pixel-perfect eye for detail. All that to say, design experience is a big plus.
  • Appreciation for utility-first CSS. Most of our WordPress-based sites are built using Tailwind CSS. For the sites that aren’t, we can’t wait to switch them over.
  • Markup opinions. We’d really like to work with someone who has plenty of experience writing semantic and accessible HTML.

Worth chatting? Start the conversation by sending us an email (frontend+ps@wptasty.com) with the answer to this question: what color M&M is Van Halen notable for? We look forward to hearing from you!

Also, we’d love to hire internationally, but we can only consider US-based applicants at this time.