Development Project Manager @ Valet

Development Project Manager

At Valet, we provide human support and intelligent solutions for organizations that care about their website. Our services vary in intensity and difficulty, but the most valuable commodity we provide is active communication.

Right now we are looking to add another member to our team. Someone who shares our values of integrity, excellence, tenacity, and above all else: humility. We are a team of leaders who enjoy working with proactive, thoughtful, responsible people.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Assigning small projects to team members internally and help see those through to completion.
  • Working with sales to hear new projects, gather requirements, put together a plan and execute.
  • Putting a development plan together, or working with other dev leads to ensure delivery to the client is hitting project expectations.
  • Working with sales to help them understand how much work we have currently and how much more we can take on and when.
  • Relay questions from developers back to clients in a way they understand and makes sense to the project.
  • Act as Valet Point of Contact for specific agency relationships

We expect:

  • Confident and positive communication with clients and team members
  • Active participation in Valet meetings
  • That you understand the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars
  • Feedback and contribution to the team
  • An eagerness to learn
  • Transparency with workloads and needs
  • Excellence every day

Qualifications and Skills

  • Has experience participating in developing web projects
  • Is opinionated in development workflow and handling releases.
  • Loves to organize and follow processes
  • Experience Facilitating and/or running discovery meetings for new projects
  • Experience keeping track of multiple project progress
  • Can ensure a projects technical requirements is well understood by all parties (i.e. client, team, yourself)
  • Can create a detailed project plan based on their own experience performing project management and their own technical knowledge
  • Ensures that a project timeline and its goals are established and well accepted by all parties
  • Has the technical capability and knowledge to hear and understand issues going on inside of a project (from a team of developers) and relay those back to the client in a way they understand and in line with the project’s goals
  • Can adapt and incorporate feedback from others
  • Is skilled in interpersonal communication
  • Enjoys taking with clients
  • Can bounce from one task to the next
  • Appreciates memes and emoji(s)

We require that you have:

  • A firm grasp of the English language
  • At least 4 years of WordPress experience
  • A minimum of 1 year in a project management position (can be non-WP)
  • Availability 5 days a week (Monday through Friday)
  • The willingness to talk on the phone with clients
  • Time management skills
  • Ownership of your own tasks

This position is currently only needed part-time, however, we expect to reach full-time capacity later this year.