Full-time Support Engineer @ Yoast

We’re looking for full-time freelance Support Engineers!

The fact that you are reading this on Post Status probably means we don’t have to tell you anything about WordPress. In fact, you might be able to tell our customers a thing or two. And that is exactly what we are looking for at Yoast. Yoast is growing rapidly, and because of that, we’re looking for a freelance Support Engineer. Currently, all support at Yoast is in English, but we see a growing demand for support in other languages. So if you’re fluent in a second language (preferably Spanish or German), that’s a pro!

What we’re looking for

You’re experienced in customer support, and love doing it. Helping people is your second nature and you’re well aware that not everyone is as skilled as you are. Your goal in every conversation is to help the customer reach their goal, even if it requires research and learning on your side.

You realize that you’re the face of Yoast, and know that people love smiling faces. You can express your smile in your written communication because that’s what you’ll be doing at Yoast. Forget that charming phone-voice, it’s all about email here!

You’ve got an eye for detail. Information that’s well hidden between sentences doesn’t stay hidden for you, and you care about every dot and comma in your replies.

You’re working as a freelancer and are full-time available. That doesn’t mean going all-out working 80+ hours a week, somewhere between 32 and 40 hours a week sounds a lot healthier.

Recognize these?

  • Fluent in English (proficiency level 4 / B2, or up).
  • Fluent in a second language, preferably Spanish or German (proficiency level 4 / B2, or up).
  • You’re experienced in supporting WordPress users. Being active on the wordpress.org support forums is a huge advantage when applying.
  • You can work with GitHub and HelpScout or are willing to learn.
  • You’ve got basic technical skills. FTP, 301 redirect, plugin and SEO sound at least familiar.
  • You’re not afraid to ask colleagues for advice in a private channel.

What we’re offering

Email support. You’ll be answering questions over email, using a system called Help Scout (it’s actually pretty awesome). You’ll also have access to our knowledge base, internal support channel on Slack, GitHub team and testing environment.

Of course, you’ll be paid a decent hourly salary, we’ll try our best to teach you everything we know and you’ve got the best colleagues.

Being a face of Yoast, you’ll need your face Yoastified. So, after you’ve proven yourself worthy, you’ll get your own custom-made avatar to match the awesomeness of your emails.

You’ll find yourself in a friendly, slightly competitive environment, where customer satisfaction and personal growth are key.

About us

Yoast consists of a rapidly growing team of internet enthusiasts. We’re a start-up with an excellent international reputation when it comes to SEO and website optimization.

Our main product is Yoast SEO (for WordPress), a plugin that helps 6,500,000 websites to optimize their content and site for Google and other search engines. We have a development team that consists or a growing number of developers in the Netherlands, plus a number of developers in other countries.

Multiple times per week we publish free SEO and/or web development related articles on our blogs. We organize MeetUps and speak at conferences. At Yoast, we are very community-minded and highly value Open Source. We provide both free and paid plugins for WordPress, Drupal, TYPO3 and Magento and are always looking to expand our field of work. Besides software, we teach SEO via online courses and Yoast SEO Care. We serve a global customer base. The development of new products is mostly done internally and is a real team-effort. Our team consists of authors, illustrators, marketers, developers and researchers. Together, we build new innovative SEO products!