Automattic Remakes VideoPress

Automattic has launched a new “version” of VideoPress with a refreshed customizable video player. It currently requires the full Jetpack plugin to work, but James Grierson (General Manager at Jetpack) has shared some further details about this in Post Status Slack. πŸ“Ί

The new features include adaptive bitrates, picture-in-pictures, private video options for offering exclusive content to subscribers, and multi-user access.

James Grierson, General Manager at Jetpack, shared some details in Post Status Slack the day after the announcement:

VideoPress currently requires the full Jetpack plugin to work. However, you can turn off every other module if you would like to. When our marketing uses the term β€œstand alone product” it means you no longer have to purchase the larger Jetpack bundles (i.e. the old Premium Plan, or the current Jetpack Complete plan) to access a feature. You can simply pay for the single feature you would like.

Jetpack has confirmed there’s a 1 TB limit, which should suit the market VideoPress is aiming for.

Rob Pugh from Jetpack Marketing gave me some additional information about their roadmap:

“We are planning to offer additional storage for purchase in the future. We’ve prioritized a few other improvements first that should be relevant to a wider audience, like adding 4k support.”

β€” David