Hey, GoDaddy Just Got Pagely

Here’s an abbreviated synopsis from Josh’s announcement:
“We did it. We did it our way. And it worked. More to come.”

Post Status is hosted at Pagely. Pagely has been the leader in the category it created. I remember thinking, “Dang man, $25 a month hosting?”

They did it their way.

If you know Josh, that’s the ONLY way. I’ve always respected Josh. But over the last couple of years, I’ve understood him and like him more every time we talk. If you know Sally, she’s a one-of-a-kind leader with a heart as big as … Josh’s rebel streak but with incredible vision and savvy. Sally has the gift of seeing and connecting with people, and I’ve cherished every sentence of our conversations. We were honored to do a “couples Zoom chat” during the pandemic with the Strebels. Pressnomics was where/when Post Status was birthed. And it has been my favorite conference every year. They led. And led big. And each Pressnomics event had the Strebels’ own unique one-of-a-kind signature on it. We should all say thanks for their leadership and support.

It really really really worked.

You can read about Pagely’s NPS score and other things. But each and every year, I’ve just seen them stay focused and do better because of it.

More (fireworks) to come!

For most of us founders around exits, we all say “more to come.” We genuinely believe there is, but it doesn’t pan out that way. It didn’t for me. With this deal, I have more confidence there will actually be LOTS more to come. How do I know? Josh doesn’t BS. And when he says “we’re coming in hot” … well … I believe him.

To my dear friends, the Strebels (and team), congratulations!

To GoDaddy, I say, “Well done. Keep following the rebels.”

To the WordPress community, I say, “Get some popcorn because this should be fun to watch.”

— Cory