Woo Snippet for the Week of January 10

WooCommerce Blocks, Admin, and Action Scheduler updates were included in the latest release of WooCommerce 6.1. Preceding that release, WooCommerce Blocks 6.7.1 brought a patch release and a bug fix. On the Gutenberg side of things, Jamie Marsland from PootlePress shared an encouraging sneak peek of his WooCommerce BuilderBlocks which bring Gutenberg Full Site Editing to Woo product pages. Lastly, what is someone thinking when they release a plugin in a saturated market? Mark Westguard not only brought no-code to his form plugin but expanded it to bring customizations to WooCommerce. Crazy! You can hear his story here at Do_the Woo. — Bob

This is the first weekly Woo update from Bob Dunn at Post Status. Welcome, Bob!

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— Dan and David