Automattic should acquire Editorially

Watch the video above. See the beautiful and collaborative writing experience that Editorially built? And now it's gone.

Only, why?

This seems like a perfect opportunity for Automattic to be able to keep a great project afloat. And it could also end up being really great for their bottom line.

Editorially has great brand recognition, huge names behind it, and works really well. The response today to their announcement that it would be shut down was met with overwhelming disappointment. Literally nobody saw it coming.

Automattic has a huge commitment to publishing, and collaborative writing would be a huge win for WordPress. Not to mention, Automattic recently acquired Simperium, the makers of Simplenote (my favorite notes app); so they have a clear interest in data syncing and collaboration.

With Simperium / Automattic engineers available to help support Editorially, I think it could be really great. And the potential gains for and Jetpack are obvious. I hope Automattic is at least looking into this option.