Bonus links & tidbits

18F and theΒ United States Digital Service (they are different, here's a description) are doing amazing things to advance government web properties. I think it's a pretty non-political statement to say their work could be a lasting legacy item for President Obama. 18F have now released new web design standards that are really outstanding. I had a lot of fun perusing them to see the kind of stuff they've created federal opinions on. This is a great move, and I have really loved tracking all the amazing stuff these organizations are doing. It's also awesome that one of WordPress's own — Andrew Nacin —Β works for the USDS.

Shawn Hooper posted a summary of the remote work and mental health panel from WordCamp Tampa.

A developer's guide to BuddyPress, by Paul Gibbs.

Thank you Morgan Estes for another this week in core post! There's a lot of awesome new stuff in core. My favorite this week was learning that get_the_post_thumbnail_url() is happening. It's a handy wrapper of wp_get_attachment_image_src(), which is a slightly longer way to get the source I just so happened to use today.

Slate is trying to reduce their total page load time from 16 seconds to 4 seconds. It's pretty interesting to see some of what impedes them, and it's not all just ad trackers.

whitelist_html is Ryan McCue and Human Made's way to allow some HTML when sanitizing strings, but not all, while also preventing the performance hit of WordPress's kses functions.

Acquia, the services company from the founder of Drupal, has raised $55 million in a series G round. I imagine Drupal 8 is going to help them make a lot of money with their consulting work.

Use Vagrant. No, use Docker. No, Docker requires Vagrant for most people. No, Otto is the new Vagrant that uses Vagrant and does what Docker does but is less complicated. Sounds complicated. Call me when you get it figured out.