Building the new WP Job Manager website

Mike Jolley (lead developer of WooCommerce), builds the WP Job Manager plugin on the side. He's a wizard like that. The plugin is very slick, and has gained popularity consistently since its launch. There have been over 55,000 downloads to date.

WP Job Manager addons were previously sold on Mike's personal site, using Gumroad (a hosted digital download / eCommerce overlay). Mike has now launched and setup the plugin to sell add-ons with WooCommerce.

WP Job Manager is a similar model to WooCommerce, with a free base plugin and paid add-ons. The plugin has 7 in-house add-ons, but amazingly there are also 13 third party add-ons, some free and some paid. Add-ons for paid listings, various third-party software integrations, alerts, and application deadlines are just some of what's available.

I enjoyed Mike's insight talking about the move of WP Job Manager to its own site, and you should also check out the new site — it's quite nice. If you're looking for a job listings plugin, this is a great option with a bright future.