WordPress 5.2.2 Release Candidate 2 (RC2) is available for testing, with the final release scheduled for Tuesday, June 18 at 17:00 UTC. 🗓️

Automattic announced they would be adopting Alex Mills‘ plugins, including Regenerate Thumbnails. As many of you know, Alex (AKA Viper007Bond), passed away on February 27, 2019, after a two and a half year battle with leukemia. I think this will be a good home for Alex's plugins.

A short paragraph about Alex will be added to their readme.txt files.

Jonny Harris, a WordPress core contributor, is looking for feedback on a feature plugin that gives REST endpoints to menus. This feature would be great for Gutenberg and headless WordPress sites. 🔌

Pascal Birchler has authored an extensive guide to operating WordPress from the command line with WP-CLI. Pascal introduces you to some of the basics before diving deep into commands with common use cases and even some ways to extend WP-CLI. 👨‍💻

WP Engine has launched DevKit, a desktop application that “combines a local development environment, SSH Gateway access, Genesis-specific functionality, easy deployments, and other best-in-class WordPress developer tools.”

DevKit is free and available in beta for Mac and Linux — but oddly, not for Windows.

Justin Tadlock sees an opportunity to improve the WordPress theme directory and decided to “strike while the iron is hot” — he has a proposal to create standardized packages for common theme features. These packages would be available from the official Theme Review GitHub account. 📦

The first package is already available. It's a Pro/Upsell link theme standard for the WordPress Customizer.

As Justin tweeted, his goal is to “cover a few common features where we have vastly different implementations.” He decided to “start with an easy one where [he] already had some existing code.”

Thierry Muller has a proposal too — for the XML Sitemaps Feature Project. It's “a collaboration between Yoast, Google” and other contributors.

As Thierry describes it, “The goal of the proposal is to integrate basic XML Sitemaps in WordPress Core and introduce an XML Sitemaps API to make it fully extendable.”

Your feedback is requested. 📣

For a few hours on Tuesday, June 11th, technical issues with WordPress VIP hosting resulted in some prominent and apparently “headless” sites showing the default WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme. 🧯

If you've been working with HTML for very long, you probably know a lot of hex color codes, but do you know how to read them? Josh Kennedy created an animated guide that dissects hex codes to make them easier to read and understand.

Leszek Swirski offers some advice about code caching for JavaScript developers to improve startup time on commonly visited sites. Leszek focuses on caching in Chrome/V8, but most of his examples probably apply to other browsers as well.

Addy Osmani, an engineering manager at Google, shares how Chrome will support  font-display in Google Fonts.

👉 Love this! Mariko Kosaka created a one-page primer, Keeping Scroll Fast, in the form of a short ‘zine or “drawsplainer.” Mariko explains browser compositing and how fast scrolling may be impeded.

Prisma and other contributors created, a free and open-source tutorial for learning GraphQL “from zero to production.” I found it in a newsletter for women and non-binary coders from Veni Kunche that's worth a look as well.

🔎 SearchWP can intercept relationship field searches with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF).

There's been a lot of talk about the benefits of remote work, but Taru Bhargava covers some of the downsides that are more common than you may think:

Managing a healthy lifestyle is tough in general, but with a remote lifestyle, the chances of slipping are that much greater. That’s why it is essential to put in extra efforts to bring a mind and body equilibrium.

Some helpful tips from Taru:

  • Make sure to locate and address your personal issues
  • Set and optimize your working schedule
  • Set up a separate remote ‘working space'
  • Prioritize overall health
  • Connect with the outside world
  • Invest in self-care

How about changing the color in your code editor for a change of pace? has over 320 color themes created by Dayle Rees for a variety of apps from Sublime to Slack. 🍭

A proposal for a WordCamp Central America has been published. It's a great plan (along with a WordCamp South America) that I fully support. 👍

The latest version of WP Offload Media offers a long-awaited “offload existing media items in the background” feature. The new implementation is not only much more convenient, but it also gets started far more quickly, especially with large Media Libraries.

Olivia Ng shares her favorite CSS guides, cheat sheets and tools on CodePen.

As WordCamp US prepares to announce its speakers, the organizing team wrote about the evolution of their selection process and how they used it for this year's lineup.

There was a limit on the number of sessions that could be submitted by applicants this year. This restriction lowered the review workload while raising the quality of the submissions.

The first State of CSS 2019 survey results (based on over 10,000 respondents) have been released. Some highlights:

  • Sadly, gender diversity wasn't well represented by the survey respondents. Those who identified as female came just under 10%.
  • VS Code was the most popular text editor by far, followed by Sublime Text.
  • Over 90% use Chrome as the main browser work is done in during initial development, with Firefox taking second place with over 50%. The numbers are much closer between the two browsers when it comes to testing.

📺 I have two videos for you this week that are well worth a look:

  • Kat Marchán spoke to developers about Tink at the JSConf EU 2019 conference in Berlin. Tink is “a package unwinder for JavaScript brought to you by npm itself.” It aims to redefine package management for web development as the npm ecosystem has outgrown its original scope.
  • Meanwhile, over at JSUnconf 2019 in Hamburg, Alex Lakatos demonstrated how to tackle performance debugging with the browser in devtools.

🎙️ Here are the best podcasts I rounded up this week:

  • David Perell interviewed Matt Mullenweg, and their discussion ranged over many great topics: open-source thinking, what Matt thinks of Ben Thompson‘s Stratechery, writing, and how communication platforms fuel human evolution. 🧠
  • The C2C Podcast talked with Karan Malhi about being a member of the Apache community and how a company should “build a community for developers instead of the community builder like we usually do.” 👷‍♀️
  • Matt Medeiros chatted with Matt Wondra about Automattic‘s entry into remote working software with Happy Tools. Learn how a company exclusively focused on WordPress itself is branching out and treating this project internally. 🧰
  • If you're looking for some briefer episodes, I recommend #PressPause, a WordCamp-focused mini-series WP&UP‘s #PressForward podcast has started with WPMU Dev. They're interviewing WordCamp attendees every weekday ahead of WordCamp Europe. Each episode is about 15 minutes in length. 🏕️