WordCamp Europe continues this weekend. You can watch the livestream and take in any track at WCEU's YouTube channel. The Tavern (and David's twitter feed) have some excellent coverage of the highlights so far. 🌍

Matt Mullenweg said the event had 3,200+ registrations and was the largest WordCamp to-date. The main hall looked massive. Kudos to everyone who helped plan and execute the event.

Val Vesa had a cool wide-shot of the keynote to see the size.

WordCamp Europe 2020 will be in Porto, Portugal, June 4th through 6th.

Josepha Haden posted some observations about WordPress contributor team structures, noting “that there are multiple paths to WordPress itself, and nearly as many paths to deciding how and when to get involved once you arrive.” Josepha also mentions self-selection, self-service training and selection, and closed selection as ways to form teams depending on the tasks involved.

If you are interested in governance and leadership in WordPress, Josepha's post is worth reading in full. She is asking for additional feedback, especially any considered thoughts you may have about other paths to leadership in the WordPress project. 🗨️

Paul Redmond covers the art of debugging .gitignore and shares some tips, including the existence of a handy git command. “Although the check-ignore command is straightforward once you know about it, it’s a useful thing to learn to troubleshoot ignored files that shouldn’t be ignored quickly.” 🐛

Here's a nice long (and updated) list of advanced JavaScript questions, compiled by Lydia Hallie. Test and refresh your knowledge or prepare for a coding interview.

Joe Lambert compares 6 MVC frameworks for working with WordPress.

Last week when I was complaining on Twitter about WordPress's flows for editing already-published content, I was linked to Fabrica by Yes we work, tools built to help with that. It looks pretty slick. They initially built it for Jimmy Wales' WikiTribune.

Unapp is a handy directory of “minimal and useful single-purpose apps.” (Tip of the hat to Tom McFarlin.) 📱

📺 I have two videos for you this week that are well worth a look:

  • Hakim El Hattab took a deep-dive into interface design at the CSS Day 2019 conference. This practical talk digs into several standard UI components, the problems that typically emerge around them, and how to use them properly.
  • Meanwhile, over at JSUnconf 2019 in Hamburg, Alex Lakatos demonstrated how to tackle performance debugging with the browser using Developer Tools.

🎙️ Here are the best podcasts I rounded up this week:

  • The WPMRR podcast hosts recently spoke with Kyle Maurer from Sandhills Development (the makers of Easy Digital Downloads) about marketing, corporate retreats, business models, and the release cycles of distributed software.
  • Two recent podcasts from Troy Dean at WP Elevation are solid. The first is an interview with Vova Feldman about Freemius. If you are in the plugin business, it's very educational even though it's a sales pitch for Freemius. The second episode worth hearing is this one with Vito Peleg about his new WP Feedback plugin.