Matt Mullenweg blogged about some of the reactions to the news that Automattic is acquiring Tumblr. Many commentators focused on the purchase price (now estimated to be about $3 million) and the $1.1 billion Verizon paid for it a few years ago.

Matt thinks people are missing the real story. He says he respects Verizon and appreciated their interest in “finding a new home for Tumblr instead of shutting it down.” Other companies could have outbid Automattic, but they probably would have chopped Tumblr up for parts.

Kudos to both parties for preserving and continuing to invest in Tumblr. 👍

Matt Whiteley shows how to synchronize your Advanced Custom Fields color palette with your Gutenberg color palette. 🎨

It's been eight months since Gutenberg's public launch. According to Leonardo Losoviz at Smashing Magazine, “it’s only a matter of time until its most outstanding issues have been dealt with, and the user experience becomes truly pleasant.”

In this article, Leonardo reviews Gutenberg's growth since its launch and speculates where it is heading.

Timi Wahalahti started a conversation about handling conflicts of interest in the WordPress community. ⚔️

WebKit recently released its tracking prevention policy, which defines covert tracking as a type of malware it will “do its best to prevent.” 👏

It will be interesting to see how adtech companies and those who rely on covert tracking will respond.

August 19th was the 28th anniversary of Tim Berners-Lee‘s release of the World Wide Web's codebase in 1991. He is currently the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium. In July,

Vanity Fair published an in-depth, retrospective essay about Berner-Lee in July. It focuses on the regrets he has, as well as his efforts to encourage decentralization and protect privacy.

The initial meeting for the “WP Notify” project will take place on Monday, August 26th.

WP Notify aims to create “a fundamental mechanism” in WordPress core for “sending notifications to users to give them feedback about state changes in the system.”

Video and Podcast Picks of the Week

📹 Here is my current recommendation for video watching:

🎙️ Here are some recent podcasts worth listening to:

  • Zac Gordon and Scott Bolinger chat on The Product Business podcast about static sites. Their discussion covers Gatsby and the role of WordPress relative to static site generators. (~60 minutes)
  • I don't mention the Core Intuition podcast often because it focuses on indie and iOS development, but a recent episode features a discussion of Automattic‘s acquisition of Tumblr from a unique perspective outside the WordPress bubble. The hosts are Daniel Jalkut and Manton Reece, who runs (~60 minutes)