This month the “People of WordPress” spot honors Kim Parsell, who was also known as #wpmom before she passed in 2015. If you are relatively new to the WordPress scene, take a moment to read about Kim and get to know her a bit. 🕯️

Topher DeRosia is celebrating five years of HeroPress, which continues to tell the stories of people in the WordPress community who have felt they're on the outside.

WP&Up announced #DoSummitGood, an online summit for this #GivingTuesday. The summit will bring together “the ‘for good' entities within the WordPress space.” Check out the speakers, which include Topher, Cory Miller for WP&UP, Marieke van de Rakt for Yoast's Diversity and Care Funds, and others.

Yoast announced its Yoast Care (Community Appreciation REwards) fund a while back — it's a program that rewards people for their voluntary contributions to WordPress. Yoast recently spoke with Georgia Castro, their first recipient, about her contributions. 💝

The WordPress community noticed that celebrity Christine Teigen tweeted a video of her “first site update” post using WordPress. She appeared to be using a branded admin theme and Advanced Custom Fields appeared to be installed.

BaseCamp (re)launched a free version of its service for “freelancers, students, families, and personal projects.” 🏕️

If you are a Github user, you may have seen these announcements recently. The most applicable to many developers is likely to be the GitHub mobile apps currently in beta.

The company also released it's State of the Octoverse. 10 million new users joined the site in 2019, and 44% more developers created their first repo in 2019 compared to 2018.

Helen Hou-Sandi of 10up shared the release of Github Actions for WordPress. These are some really valuable workflow enhancements, like enabling easy deployment to the WordPress plugin repo. This is a super helpful and significant contribution by team 10up.

Stack Overflow notes in a recent post that it is “recalculating reputation” and introducing “an improved question asking experience” that rewards people who good questions. 🙋

Wordfence published a comprehensive whitepaper analyzing WP-VCD, which is the name for an intensifying malware campaign that is spread via “nulled” or pirated plugins and themes. ☠️

WP Remote has been acquired from maekit by BlogVault. Here's what that will mean for existing customers.

The original WP Remote tool and features were built by Human Made and acquired by maekit in 2017.  BlogVault's announcement says the current version of WP Remote “will be discontinued and retired on 31st January 2020” to be “replaced by BlogVault’s website management features.”

Existing users also have the option to migrate directly to BlogVault's site management service.

I talked to Akshat Choudhary, the founder of BlogVault, about this acquisition at PressNomics. He told me he wanted to acquire WP Remote the first time around, but it didn't work out. I think he'll do really well by this tool, and BlogVault will be the right home for folks still using and relying on WP Remote's functionality.


Here's an extensive summary of the recent Accessibility Scotland 2019 event from Claire Brotherton. The talks at this conference covered a wide range of topics from accessibility and ethics to AI and the challenge of maintaining privacy.

Have you ever wondered how those of us who work in technology can help make it more accessible and ethical? You should, and this is a great place to start finding answers. 🙋

Claire also has a great deep dive into Twenty Twenty.

Igor Benić closely examines the useful ServerSideRender Gutenberg Component. Igor says, “When I want to convert a shortcode used to display dynamic content, I tend to go for this component.”

Ashley Rich explains what a load balancer does and then asks if using one is overkill in your WordPress hosting setup. 🤹

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