Footnotes #411

WordPress 5.5 was released last week and quickly followed by 5.5.1 on September 1st. πŸ’¨

In 5.5 several global JavaScript objects were removed without being deprecated. WordPress 5.5.1 adds a backfill for these globals so they no longer cause errors.

If you are a developer, take note that the new WordPress environment types introduced in 5.5 will no longer be possible to override. This brings the number of types down to four: production, staging, development, and local.

It appears that Yoast founder Joost de Valk and Yoast’s current CEO Marieke van de Rakt have a stake in WordProof, which is building a Timestamp Ecosystem that will support multiple blockchains to verify online content.

Wordproof explains the SEO angle: “timestamping content on the internet combined with search engine optimization” creates “opportunities to fight fake news and fraud on the internet.” β˜‘οΈ

A discussion has been started about support for commercial users on the WordPress forums as the support team looks for “a good baseline for how to distinguish between what is considered commercial support, and also be more transparent about the process that occurs when commercial support is discovered.”

The WordPress forums are effectively a free service run by volunteers. Paid support in this location might hurt developers of paid plugins as well. These are real pain points, so I'm glad to see this discussion in the open. πŸ‘

If you're using the popular File Manager plugin (700k+ installations), be sure it's upgraded to the latest version. A recently discovered vulnerability allows “unauthenticated users to execute commands and upload malicious files on a target site.” 🎯

A patch was released this morning on September 1, 2020. Some WordPress managed hosting companies are scanning sites and contacting customers.

Jamie Tanna has some good thoughts about the dangers for developers using online tooling sites (like and online JSON validators.

I agree β€” using an online tool always runs the risk that critical information might be stored or intercepted, so you should avoid using these tools with sensitive data like passwords. Best to run tools locally if possible. πŸ› οΈ

Dave Lynam reveals the steps he took and the lessons he learned from a side project that pulled in $1k/month a year ago and has become his full-time gig now. The project is Bookmark OS, an online desktop for managing your bookmarks. πŸ“‘

There are always more than a few developers and individuals in the Post Status and WordPress community thinking of starting a side project to bring in additional revenue β€” or they already have one. Dave's experiences could easily apply if you're on a similar path.

πŸ“… Conference and Event Updates

  • The FemTechConf is an event “for empowering women in the tech world” that is expecting 30,000+ attendees on September 25th. Mary Job might have a few free tickets available if you are a woman and interested in attending.
  • πŸ’Ό WPMRR Virtual Summit (September 23rd and 24th.) Free, online. The focus will be “100% focused on helping you make monthly recurring revenue work for your WordPress business.” Scroll down the homepage where they publicly list the MRR (monthly recurring revenue) numbers from the speakers who will be participating! πŸ’Έ


Video Picks

πŸ“Ή Here's the video pick of the week:

  • Allie Nimmons interviewed Hans Skillrud from Termageddon about the basics of sales. Allie hosts a regular “WP AMA,” so you can subscribe to her channel for more interviews with folks from our industry.

Podcast Picks

πŸŽ™οΈ Sadly due to an injury, I haven't had the chance to listen to many podcasts this past week. But here is one I enjoyed:

  • Doo The Woo: Bob Dunn interviewed Shanon Shaffer and got her thoughts on WooCommerce as a woman who runs a ten-person agency specializing in membership sites.