Footnotes #415

Congrats to Francesca Marano who is now the WordPress core team lead at Yoast! In her new role, Francesca expects to

“…contribute all my time to WordPress, a platform that gave me a lot, personally and professionally, and do it with some of the best minds in the community.”

This is a tremendous gain for all of us. 🙌

Joost de Valk has proposed a font enqueue API for WordPress core. 🔡

Explaining why we should implement .wp_enqueue_font, Joost writes:

“Building this so that fonts are always loaded the same way allows us to continuously improve the way we load fonts as the standards evolve.”

Speaking of fonts, the WordPress Themes Team has built an easy-to-use implementation of locally hosted webfonts that themes can start using now:

“Google fonts have been used as a way for themes to provide more appealing typography options. They are widely used and though there were always privacy and tracking concerns, we could not remove the exception until we had a viable alternative for theme-authors.”

Leonardo Losoviz explains how you can show documentation to the user directly in the WordPress editor using Markdown. He claims that using Markdown instead of HTML is easier, and there are other benefits.

Stressing that “localization for documentation is mandatory,” Leonardo also shows how you can translate documentation into your users' languages while using Markdown. ⬇️

If you live in the EU, you might know about Google’s current search preference menu auction. It appears to have been dropped recently from DuckDuckGo. 🦆

DuckDuckGo has explained why this move — and the whole idea of the search preference menu — is a problem.

Cory Miller shares his sympathy for people “starting new projects or businesses,” which he compares to “rolling a snowball uphill.” It's hard work to maintain patience and focus in a “grind” or struggle state without seeing big results. ❄️

“We know the tipping point, the catalytic moments will come, just not when,” so we just have to “keep pushing.”

This is a good reminder for business owners and entrepreneurs right now.

There’s a new version of the WooCommerce Blocks plugin available now. Version 3.5.0 is mostly a bug fix release with some enhancements for payment methods. 🛒

I sometimes find general tech sector articles worthwhile reading, but this one raised my eyebrows.🤨

While I always take survey data with a grain of salt, I don't think it's unreasonable to predict the majority of businesses expect IT budgets to grow or remain steady in 2021, driven by a big increase in remote workers. 👩‍💻

Joe Casabona has a new book out for those just starting on the path to learning HTML and CSS. He talks about what it was like “re-learning” them:

“There are a lot of colloquialisms in web development. I didn’t realize it until my copy and tech editors pointed out that terms I thought were common make no sense to beginners.”

📅 Conference and Event Updates

  • The Page Builder Summit is happening on October 9th. It's a free summit about WordPress Page Builders with Nathan Wrigley and Anchen le Roux hosting. The event will include a variety of names from inside and outside the WordPress space. The summit aims to help streamline page-building processes and improve client relationships.
  • WooSesh will be back again on October 13 and 14th. Chris Lema, Greta Galubauskaitė, Luke Cavanaugh, and Christie Chirinos are among many speakers taking the stage.
  • WP Agency Summit is taking place from October 12 to 16th. It's a free virtual conference that will share “strategies for lead generation, sales, project delivery and a lot more that helps you grow your WordPress agency or freelance business.”


Video Picks

📹 Here is my video pick of the week:

  • WordCamp Asheville 2020: Miriam Goldman and AmyJune Hineline demonstrate how to perform a site audit on their own websites, which can help you anticipate potential problems and discover new opportunities to add features.

Podcast Picks

🎙️ Here are two podcasts I can recommend in what has been a hectic week for me:

  • How I Built It: Emily Hunkler is featured in this episode which focuses on how webinars can grow your audience. Emily hosts webinars and virtual meetups for GoWP.
  • WPMMR Podcast: This is a great roundup of guests and high points from previous podcasts focused on women and minorities in the WordPress community. If you don't usually listen to WPMRR, this one is worth your time.