Footnotes #427

Bug fixes and updates to the default Twenty Twenty-One and Twenty Nineteen themes are available now. 🐛

It's unusual for core themes to be updated outside of a core release, Jonathan Desrosiers explains, “but since a WordPress 5.6.1 fast-follow was ruled out,” the decision was made to do it now.

A new version of the Gutenberg plugin (9.6.0 🇨🇱) has been released with a focus on Full Site Editing and global styles. I especially like the new ability to drag blocks from the “inserter” into the block area.

If you want to learn more about current Gutenberg features and Full Site Editing, I had a nice conversation on the subject with Birgit Pauli-Haack on a recent WordPress Mega Meetup. 📺

Video subtitles are coming to the core WordPress editor. 📺

Anne McCarthy highlights another new feature you may have missed in the flurry of recent releases: “the ability to have descriptive text icons instead of an icon-only view of the Block Toolbar.”

Jonathan Desrosiers also has an update on how the WordPress core team is continuing the transition to GitHub Actions for automated testing:

“As of today, all repositories have been fully transitioned to GitHub Actions except the WordPress Coding Standards.”

Jonathan at the end of the post lists some next steps that lie ahead. 🧪

If you want a short education (and maybe a longer one) about Favicons, then this guide from developer Andrey Sitnik might be worth looking at. 📗

In a guest post with Mathieu Viet, Varun Dubey explains how his exceptional BuddyX BuddyPress theme made its way into the official theme directory. 🎨

Ben Myers dives deep into the three attributes that bring clarity to HTML elements in assistive technologies: aria-label, aria-labelledby and aria-describedby. 🤿

⚰️ Joanna Stern, who is Senior Personal Technology Columnist for The Wall Street Journal, has a thought-provoking column about end-of-life planning — for yourself and others — when there's a significant digital legacy:

“What happens to your Facebook and Google accounts—and other digital stuff—when you die? Nothing if you don’t make a plan.”

A WooCommerce Builder global meetup has been started for Woo professionals by Bob Dunn. If you create websites for clients with WooCommerce or build products and services specifically for WooCommerce, this meetup is for you. 🛒

🏊‍♀️ Allie Nimmons shares her experience as a member of the WordPress 5.6 release team, commenting on the “go-with-the-flow” attitude:

“The great thing, and frustrating thing, about contributing is how fluid it is. There is not a formalized process to join a team. There is no interview, no hard and fast steps. Just jump in… That simultaneously removes and creates a barrier for entry.”

Joe Buffs posted a year in review for WP Buffs covering “biggest screw-ups of the past year” as well as the “biggest successes.” The company had total revenue of $1,031,928, up almost 300% from around $376,000 in 2018. It's great to see such growth in a WordPress business like this one! 📈

Looking ahead, Joe mentions teams as the basis for WP Buffs' growth:

“We’re a customer-focused company. But our leadership is team-focused. If our managers can focus on their teams being happy, healthy and value-driven, we’ll crush it for our customers.”

Chris Klosowski shares some interesting stats from the team at Sandhills Development in 2020:

  • Commits: 4,303
  • Releases: 222
  • Avg Releases/week: 4.27

40% of the development team had props in a WordPress core release this year. 👍

“I don't know.”

Those three simple words might come hard for some people, but for Brian Muenzenmeyer this phrase comes easier. And that's OK. 🚶‍♀️

“I still walk alone sometimes, and that’s where I can do some of my best work. But I have a better awareness of what I don’t know, and a working realization that my team can go further together than one of us individually.”