Footnotes is such an obviously better choice for the ever expanding “Bonus Links” section that unfortunately was named “Bonus Links & Tidbits” for a few editions. Thanks to Jenny Beaumont for the excellent name.

Upvoted is the new Reddit-owned news website that made a big splash today. It's on VIP and it's my understanding it was built by 10up. Props. It's a nice win for WordPress, as I would bet this site will be big.

Speaking of VIP, VIP wrangler Tom Nowell writes an important post about staying healthy and happy at work, over at WP Tavern.

Starting and running a company are completely different, Envato CEO Collis Ta'eed explains in a forgotten draft he published today, two years after writing it initially.

Eric Lewis uses gists as his blog, and this guide with some customizer tips and tricks is great.

Geoff Graham has a helpful post on managing technical debt on CSS Tricks. Any project gets technical debt as it ages. My struggle is giving up and starting over on my own stuff; and that's not really scalable for projects of any real size or importance.

One of the things I like about SiteGround is their commitment to continuously improve hardware and software for existing customers. They are rolling out a whole new shared platform that'll make anyone on their service happy.

In case you want to visualize the WordPress 4.4 activity levels, and just how impressive it is:


Helen Hou-SandΓ­Β has a new plugin called Revision Notes that lets you — wait for it — put notes on revisions. It could be quite handy for some publishing workflows.

“With WordPress, Holger had found a way out of the body he could no longer command, and the will to go beyond what other people thought he could or couldn’t do.” Amazing, amazing story on overcoming the odds.