iThemes enters the WordPress site management sphere with Sync

iThemes has announced a new product today, called Sync. It's a tool to manage WordPress website updates, including themes and plugins. Sync is free for up to 10 sites for all iThemes account holders. They will announce plans soon for non-account holders and people with more than ten sites.

Sync is the latest entry into what's quickly becoming a crowded market. With competitors in ManageWP, InfiniteWP, WP Remote, and more, I wonder how Sync will fit in. By already being in the utility / safety space with BackupBuddy, it is a logical move for them.

However, core now supports some level of auto-updates, and considering many WordPress hosts also offer this functionality, I wonder if the number of providers are growing at the exact time it's becoming less necessary to have an outside party handle such things. I think there will be a need for these services still for lower end hosting environments and site managers that have websites across multiple hosting platforms, but I wonder just how big that segment is.