New releases

If you were looking forward to seeing the navigation block in the upcoming WordPress 5.4 release… sorry, it's not going to happen. Mark Uraine explains why, and I agree it makes sense to wait until more full site editing features emerge. 🧭

Nick Hamze and Aajit Bohra created a plugin that lets you create memes using the block editor in WordPress Just another of Nick's fun ideas put to practice. 🙀

If you or your clients are using the Event Manager Plugin, make sure you update to the latest version as soon as possible. A CSV injection vulnerability was discovered in version 💉

Jonathan Christopher teased SearchWP 4.0 — a major rewrite that's no longer limited to WP_Posts, and his example includes user search, which is great. 🔎

Jonathan puts together a really nice summary of the work that went into this release, including getting rid of a lot of technical debt. It's a great look inside the thought process for a big plugin release.

Scott Bolinger announced AppPresser 4. It's a major release with a completely modernized, native build process for backend apps. This will make your apps “faster and … up to date.” New pricing and beta releases are coming soon. 🔘