Approve Me creates WordPress powered applications that help freelancers, designers and photographers grow their business.

ApproveMe’s WP E-Signature transforms one page of any WordPress website into a secure, legally binding and easy to use document signing application (but without the monthly fees).

With WP E-Signature Getting documents signed using your WordPress website has never been easier. In addition to the features listed below, we’ve removed paper entirely from the process and have built a secure UETA and ESIGN compliant WordPress plugin to facilitate document signing, signature tracking and a detailed audit trail that will hold up in court.

While signing documents online used to be a headache for small businesses, WP E-Signature takes literally 60 seconds to setup and is 100% hosted on your WordPress website. Before WP E-Signature online businesses had to pay monthly fees per user which can add up to hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars a year. WP E-Signature solves that issue today by transforming users very own WordPress website into a feature rich document signing application (without the monthly fees).

WP E-Signature’s features include:

• Security and Encryption – Security is our top priority. All of your signed documents are kept hidden and encrypted on your server at all times, using a GUID encryption sequence and tamper proof technology.

• Legally Binding – WP E-Signature is recognized in court. We are (UETA) and (ESIGN) compliant and adhere to some of the strictest document signing policy’s in the US and European unions.

• Automate Signing Documents – Tired of having to manually send out your NDA contract, Terms of Service, etc. Now you can automate the process with customizable add-on integrations.

• No Monthly Fees – Paying monthly fees to sign documents is so 1999. You have full control over your data – it never leaves your server. Built exclusively for WordPress.

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