Rock-solid WordPress themes for churches

We develop WordPress themes and plugins with features specific to the needs of churches. These features help churches publish and podcast sermon media, announce events, tell about their church and help visitors find them. Our themes provide churches with a beautiful, customized, mobile-friendly website.

There are several reasons in addition to features and looks that churches choose us:

  • We focus specifically and only on churches.
  • We're ready to refund every dime if a church is not satisfied.
  • We update our older themes with new features.
  • Our guides and videos are utterly extensive.
  • We provide one-on-one support by email.
  • We follow WordPress development standards.

We also believe in data portability, which is why we developed the Church Theme Content plugin and make it available for free. Our themes and those of our friendly competitors share this plugin to make switching themes easier.

WordPress with a theme and plugin made just for churches is an ideal way to build a more effective website and save money at the same time.

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