CTRSpace Theme

The World Best WordPress Adsense Theme

CTRSpace is a WordPress based Adsense theme designed and developed in a way that will hugely impact in a positive way on your Adsense earnings. After analyzing thousands of websites and their heat map structure, the theme is designed.
CTRSpace is no doubt, will double your Adsense earnings in no time. It has all the advanced features that will not make your life easy but super simple. The built in Ad spots can be configured from the Theme options panel. It is equipped with tons of options to customize the look and design of your site.

CTRSpace WordPress theme supports all the layouts from box to full-width and from the single sidebar to two sidebars. Simply choose a layout and select your favorite colors or a color scheme. The theme is extremely fast, SEO Friendly and error free.
Regular updates of CTRSpace will further ensure it's compatibility with upcoming WordPress versions and new features.

Visit the CTRSpace pricing page to order a copy today.

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