Know the Code

Helping WordPress Developers Be More Awesome. We help you learn to build anything in code.

As developers, we work in the code all day long. But how well do you know the code itself? Do you find your searching for snippets or trying to figure out which instruction to use?

At Know the Code, we teach you in a way that you are able to take the knowledge and adapt it for your own specific needs. We teach you how to think about code, what each instruction does, how technologies work from the inside out, and how to get the most out of your code.

We teach you the essence of code, the building blocks of it, which empowers you to build anything you want from scratch.

Forget the copy/paste. Become an even more awesome developer by being able to put your hands on the keyboard and crank out code from scratch. Be able to evaluate other people's code and understand it.

Come join us. Psst – there's a ton of free stuff too. Cheers