Whistle Stop Digital

The makers of the award-winning SparkInfluence platform, WSD helps organizations build better communities, understand their audiences & empower their advocates with tools to make a real difference in the world around them.

Founded in 2014, Whistle Stop Digital (WSD) was built on the idea that building online communities around issues you care about should be easy. Millions of interactions (calls, letters, tweets, etc.) between advocates and their elected officials later, our award-winning platform, SparkInfluence, continues to change how grassroots organizing & advocacy is done.

In short, we're making advocacy less of a one-off interaction between organizations and their stakeholders and more of ongoing relationship. SparkInfluence helps groups grow not only the quantity and quality of interactions but also makes it that much easier to strategize on your campaigns.

Because no organizer should ever have to say “I really killed it on that spreadsheet today.”

Imagine the all-in-one organizing platform you've been looking for. We built it.

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