WordPress VIP Featured Partner, wordwide-distributed team of WP experts

XWP was formed in 2014 as an offshoot of X-Team, where many of us began working together. The inspiration for XWP was the influence we saw WordPress having on open-source technology, its ability to make information more accessible, and the power it had to connect people. With 8 years of experience working on WordPress projects we knew we were in a unique position to be able to contribute to the movement in a significant way. With this vision, XWP has brought people, cultures, and ideas together from all corners of the world, and has committed to help people and businesses imagine using WordPress in ways far beyond building a simple website.

Today, we power client projects for some of the most beloved brands and highly trafficked websites throughout North America and Australia with our remote team of 40+ contributors spread across 14 different countries. Our work solves big business problems with a focus on advancing the visual editing experience in WordPress, creating dynamic editorial workflows, and finding innovative ways of improving performance for websites where every millisecond matters. With each new project we create positive and memorable experiences through our commitment to people, innovation and service.

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