WordPress REST API content endpoints proposed for core

Readers know that the WordPress REST API has had a lot of activity this release cycle. There has been a concerted effort to get the API ready for a core merge in 4.7. The release isn’t slated until December, but due to the timelines for feature freezes and testing involved, that means the merge proposal […]

Twenty Seventeen is 🔥

Twenty Seventeen is 🔥

I have not been stunned — in a positive way — about a default WordPress theme design preview since Twenty Twelve. I haven’t had a major beef with any of the other default themes, but I haven’t been really wowed. Twenty Ten was a huge step because it was the first of the series and a break […]

The third step for shared terms: elimination

You may even call it… termination. Okay, I’m sorry. This is from Boone Gorges: Work on the taxonomy roadmap, started in earnest during the 4.1 dev cycle, continues to chug along for WordPress 4.3. We’ve been focusing on the elimination of shared terms: terms in different taxonomies that share the same term_id and thus the […]

ButterBean is a new drop-in custom fields suite by Justin Tadlock

ButterBean is a new drop-in custom fields suite by Justin Tadlock

Justin Tadlock has released ButterBean, the custom fields drop-in he’s been working on for some time. I’m quite drawn to the UI he’s created, and that it’s been developed completely in JavaScript, using bundled WordPress Backbone.js and Underscore.js. ButterBean supports a number of useful field types out of the box, and is extensible so others […]

WordPress 4.6 is in Beta, and it’s time to test

WordPress 4.6 is rolling on, currently in Beta 2. The release includes a handful of new minor features, and you’ll certainly want to test your products and important sites prior to the full release. Now is the time to do so! The Make WordPress Core posts have started to show up, as is common around […]

Features as plugins hit core for 4.4

The WordPress 4.4 train is rolling and rolling fast still. oEmbed, Responsive Images, and the REST API infrastructure have all been committed to core. The links for the merge tickets are as follows: oEmbed, #32522 Responsive Images, #33641 REST API Infrastructure, #33982 Twenty Sixteen, which has thus far used Github for development, will also be […]

Automattic introduces a Google Docs integration for writing posts

Automattic introduces a Google Docs integration for writing posts

Automattic has created a Google Docs integration to write posts directly in Google Docs and create drafts from them in WordPress. I spoke to George Hotelling, one of the primary developers on the project, about the challenges and process of building the integration. He said that, “the bulk of the work was converting Google Docs’ […]

WordPress’s place amongst an increasingly corporatized web

Big companies are jockeying for position with regard to how content is published and how it is shown on the web, and WordPress is right in the middle of it all. Requiring new formats of web pages for tools like Google’s AMP or Facebook Instant Articles feels, in a way, like an extension of what started […]

WordPress plugin directory redesign: great potential, great power

Sometimes I wonder if those who work on WordPress.org website projects realize just how powerful their decisions are. I think they do, though I’m also confident the direct commercial impacts of their decisions will never be their first consideration. The WordPress plugin repo is in line to get a complete redesign and rebuild. Free plugins […]

WordPress 4.4 Beta 1 is out

WordPress 4.4 Beta 1 is available. The release snuck up on me, as it feels like a long time from the expected December release. Maybe it’s just the whole year that’s flying by. 4.4 includes lots of great developer features, plus Twenty Sixteen, responsive images, and embeds. The biggest features by far, for my audience, […]

What’s your WordPress 4.4 wishlist?

Well, if you want to have your say on what you think should go into WordPress 4.4, now is a great time. WordPress 4.4 release lead Scott Taylor has made a call for wishlist features on Make Core. So, you can comment on the post and make your greatest desires known. As you consider what […]