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    Business Membership

    From: $500.00 / year

    Our mission is to invest in and support the Open Web by growing the WordPress ecosystem. We do that by guiding, connecting, and supporting the businesses that serve the ecosystem.

    If you are part of a business connected to the WordPress ecosystem and you want to grow, Post Status is the place for you. Let’s Give and Grow β€” Together!

    Product, Software, and Hosting companies are seeking to build and deepen their relationships and partnerships within the WordPress ecosystem. Part watercooler and business networking mixer, part neighborhood cafΓ© and self-organized professional association, Post Status is the place to connect and keep up with the WordPress ecosystem.

    • Build and develop great relationships with other founders to grow your business.
    • Find your next partner or employee.
    • Discover the collaboration, curiosity, talent, and support you need the thrive!

    Membership Benefits

    Guidance Connections
    We offer guidance on how to think strategically and where to focus your efforts to grow your business in WordPress. Access to our private Slack instance empowers you and your team to freely connect with other members.
    Support Experiences
    As a Business Member, you’ll have a dedicated point of contact to provide you with help whenever you need it. You’ll have access to exclusive events, group cohorts for you and your team, and experiences designed to help you grow. Some of it will simply be serendipitous β€” and what you bring for others matters too.
    Insights Growth
    We create and curate content from inside and outside the WordPress ecosystem, bringing you insights and perspectives to help you make better decisions. Our resources are focused on helping your business grow. That’s our work and our focus. As a member, you get the benefit of that focus today and tomorrow.

    Additional PerksΒ 

    These are just a few of the perks that we’re offering to our Business Members:

    • Annual Memberships for up to 10 members of your team, every year.
    • Private Events β€” In-person and virtual members-only events throughout the year focused on offering you guidance, connection, and support to grow your business.Β 
    • Exclusive Access β€” Beyond access to all our public Slack channels, get access to private members-only channels to connect with other members and subject matter experts. Slack access for up to 10 members of your team is included.Β 
    • Dedicated Support β€” As part of your onboarding, you’ll be assigned a dedicated point of contact who will serve as your connector to resources and other members.Β 
    • Job Listings β€” The Post Status job board is a great way to get your openings in front of the WordPress community. As a member, you get unlimited access to post new listings.
    • Business Profiles β€” Coming soon, we’ll be offering expanded profiles for Business Members, which will help you get better connected with other members.Β 
    • Listing to the PS Events Calendar β€” If you have an event that you want the Post Status community to know about, you can post it to the Post Status Events calendar.Β 
    • A badge on your website β€” Show that you are a Post Status business member on your website.Β 
    • A prominent Post Status index listing β€” In the Post Status Index, you will receive prominent placement and recognition and for your business membership status.
    • New member recognition β€” We will give a shout-out to the Post Status community that you have joined as a business member.
    • Weekly Newsletters – You will receive a Member Spotlight once in your first year.Β 
  • Unlimited Job Package


    Buy unlimited listings that will be live for 45 days at a time after approval.

    This is a value add to your business membership.