Deal of the week


Feature a deal for your product on Post Status!

One deal per week is shared with the Post Status newsletter (Except the weeks of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which will have 6 deals).

Your deal will be made available to Post Status members thereafter, for a length you determine with the coupon itself (1 month to 1 year, etc).

Have an announcement, and a deal, that you definitely want to get in front of the Post Status audience? You can time your deal of the week with the announcement.

Your deal will be attached to your organization page, for people who want to learn more about you. There is also a “learn more” option for the deal display, where individuals can click into the deal and read more specifics about it (this content is provided by you, the deal provider, and is edited by our team upon your submission).

Your deal will look similar to this one upon display:

To provide your deal, you need the following (there is a form to submit this information after purchase):

  1. A link or coupon code to activate the deal (it's good to make this specifically for Post Status if you want to track progress of the deal).
  2. A square image of your company logo.
  3. Short descriptive text of the deal (used for the CTA)
  4. A URL for the destination (and if you have a coupon link instead of code, this should be included in that URL).
  5. Your main company URL (displayed for people ineligible to redeem the deal)
  6. Button text (~15 characters max)
  7. An expiry date you've set for the coupon (at least one month out)

Your deal will be promoted for one week on the website, prominently displayed, but will require people subscribe to the free newsletter or be a member to see full deal details to redeem it. It will be sent out in the weekly newsletter for people to use to buy, and members can login and view the deal until your set expiry date. Your deal will be visible to non-members and non-subscribers, but not redeemable.

Only one deal is featured per week (inventory is set to 1 per variation for this product) except for the two weeks around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which will be special promotional weeks where we feature up to 6 deals.

Ready to reserve your week for a custom deal? Let's do it!

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