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Advanced Ads is the all-in-one ad management plugin for WordPress.
The plugin began as an in-house project to manage more than 100 MM ad impressions per month on the developer’s website. In 2014, the team decided to turn this into a new business.

The team comprises ten members today who have first-hand experience managing any type of ads, from affiliate banners, AdSense, custom sold image ads, and using the features to auto-inject any type of content anywhere.

Among the most popular features are

– automatic ad injection into post content or anywhere on the page
– split testing different ads and ad positions
– ad rotations
– scheduling ads
– tracking and reporting
– attractive placements like sticky ads, background ads
– target your audience by device, geo-location, membership-status and many more conditions
– inject ads automatically by category and tags, author, parent page and many more display options
– turn your WordPress installation into an ad server that can display ads also on non-WordPress sites
– dedicated support for AdSense and Google Ad Manager
– lazy loading ads
– click fraud protection

In addition, the team works with many plugin developers to guarantee compatibility, especially regarding caching and page speed.

More than 100 hooks allow developers to extend the features and adjust Advanced Ads to their liking.

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