WordPress Enthusiast, Serial Entrepreneur, and Tech Evangelist. I am Ex-CEO of weDevs, Founder of ARCom, And also behind many know brand like Analytify, The Tech Journal, The Dhaka Times

Hi! I am long time WordPress EnthusiastSerial Entrepreneur and Tech Evangelist. I am CEO Founder of ARCom. I also founded I was formal CEO of of weDevs. I do read a lot and I write too, I foundered The Tech JournalThe Dhaka Times etc and serving information to millions. I invest and love to help startups and proudly involved with 3rdBellTrance AppLeanplumGeeky Social, Facebook and several other companies from their early stage. Among many other things I was an Early Google Glass Explorer, and I appeared in various (100+) WordCamps around the world. And most importantly I am a blessed Dad of two super cute little princesses, and husband of a lovely wife! And I am from Bangladesh. [More about me]