Vova Feldman

Entrepreneur helping WordPress plugin & theme developers monetize with Freemius

Josh Kohlbach

Josh Kohlbach

Hi Iā€™m Josh, a web developer and business owner from Brisbane, Australia.

Joey Kudish

Software Engineer and Founder of Spark Consulting. Previously at Automattic; Senior level WordPress developer & consultant. Available for hire for consulting projects.

Anton Timmermans

Iā€™m Anton Timmermans, a 20-something developer living in the Netherlands.

Steve Grunwell

Senior Web Engineer + Project Lead @10up. Baby daddy. Coffee enthusiast + roaster. Beard curator.

Kevin McKernan

Hello, I am Kevin McKernan, a WordPress Developer from Denver, CO.

Corey Maass

Corey Maass

I specialize in web apps, and now… WordPress plugins!

Jeremy Michael Ward

Jeremy Michael Ward

Jeremy Ward is a web developer, drummer, stand-up comedy bystander, lazy poet, occasional illustrator, lover of books, and avid video & board game geek.

Philip Newcomer

Outdoorsman, photographer, gardener, family man, and Christ-follower