Aleksander Kuczek

CEO of Perfect Dashboard. I turn regular web dev businesses into money making machines.

Naomi C. Bush

Naomi is the owner of Gravity+, a business that creates valuable add-ons for Gravity Forms.

Andrew Youderian

Andrew Youderian

Andrew is the founder of eCommerce Fuel, a community for high six and seven figure eCommerce business owners.

Rebekah Monson

Rebekah Monson is co-founder and VP of Product for WhereBy.Us, a local media startup that connects people to their cities through storytelling and experiences.

Cathi Bosco

Cathi Bosco

Creative Director – Visual Communications & Design – Outdoorsy – Dog Lover – Free Thinking Entreprnuer

Birgit Pauli-Haack

Personal mission: β€œMaking the web suck less”
Company: Programming your web and mobile success

Robert Abela

I am the founder of WP Security Audit Log, an audit trail plugin that enables WordPress owners to keep track of every change that happens on their websites.

Anil Gupta

Anil is the Technopreneur with more than 10 years of experience coding, thinking and leading the business with mind and people with heart. @Multidots – he is following his vision to build a business that takes care of customers as well as employee and community. Anil ❀️ to travel around the world, yoga, meditation & watching movies.

Vova Feldman

Entrepreneur helping WordPress plugin & theme developers monetize with Freemius

Josh Kohlbach

Josh Kohlbach

Hi I’m Josh, a web developer and business owner from Brisbane, Australia.

Shawn Hesketh

Shawn Hesketh

I’m a WordPress educator and consultant and the creator of, which has helped more than 1.3 million beginners learn how to use WordPress.


I have some extra love for WordPress!