Francisco Opazo

Francisco Opazo

Agile Digital Project Manager, Edupreneur, Youtube, Blogger, WordPress Jedi and Growth Marketer at @wishlistmember

Aleksander Kuczek

CEO of Perfect Dashboard. I turn regular web dev businesses into money making machines.

Birgit Pauli-Haack

Personal mission: β€œMaking the web suck less”
Company: Programming your web and mobile success

Anil Gupta

Anil is the Technopreneur with more than 10 years of experience coding, thinking and leading the business with mind and people with heart. @Multidots – he is following his vision to build a business that takes care of customers as well as employee and community. Anil ❀️ to travel around the world, yoga, meditation & watching movies.

Vova Feldman

Entrepreneur helping WordPress plugin & theme developers monetize with Freemius

Corey Maass

Corey Maass

I specialize in web apps, and now… WordPress plugins!

Ryan Jarrett

Ryan Jarrett

Freelance WordPress developer from London/SE England

Chris Klosowski

Chris Klosowski is the Co-Lead Developer of Easy Digital Downloads. He’s the founding developer of WP-Push, providing Push Notifications for WordPress as well as Post Promoter Pro, the most effective way to promote your WordPress Content.

Dee Teal

Master of Digital Communication and Culture (USYD), Project Manager, Former Freelancer, Community Organiser, WordPress Trainer &, Copyright and GPL Issue Observer

Ben Welch-Bolen

I am the founder & CEO at, a white label managed WordPress hosting platform.

Jared Sulzdorf

Product manager, coffee drinker, and all around good guy.

Yael R Matsliah

Web developer. WordPress and Genesis Junkie. Yoga lover and aspiring peace maker.

Jenny Beaumont

Jenny Beaumont is a multicultural, multidisciplinary maker and writer of things. She is a leader of people and of projects, who values communication above all else as a means to successful collaboration.