Cole Geissenger

Engineering Manager @10up, CTO/Co-Organizer @beawimp, Gamer, Food Eater, loves grilled cheese.

I make web applications. Jack of all trades. Addicted to web technology.

I started off building basic, static web pages back in 2000. Since then, I have taught myself HTML, CSS, Sass, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress, and many other languages/frameworks and information architectures that make the internet tick. From the low level back-end of a server-side language to the high level front-end of the clients browser. I have an endless drive to always excel at the language or software I get my hands on.

Unlike many “Jacks”, I have found a niche to specialize in and that is WordPress. With WordPress being the most popular content management system (currently accounts for over 20% of the websites world wide), demand is high for experienced WordPress developers and I have found my way into diving deep into the many API's that power WordPress to make it capable of powering simple basic websites to a framework/application engine.

I work for an amazing company called 10up as an Engineering Manager providing high level strategy and management for the amazing engineers on my team. I also write code & work with some amazing individuals.

I am also the CTO of “WIMP” (Web and Interactive Media Professionals). WIMP started as a community of web professionals/enthusiasts that hold monthly educational meetups, the North Bay Web Conference, the WIMPcamp unconference, and a charity event called WIMPgives (one day website builds for non-profits). Now the community has evolved into an LLC and has two locations, WIMP Sonoma County and WIMP Denver! We are also currently in the process of opening a new HQ where we will be offering coworking, educational workshops and event space.

Outside of work and WIMP, I am a musician with 14 years experience playing Guitar, and just bought a drum set in June 2014 (loving it). I'm a food and beer nut and enjoy nerding out on video games and technology.