Corey has been using, and loving, WordPress since around 2008. He worked his way out of retail and print shops by honing his front-end dev skills eventually becoming a Design Lead at WebDevStudios. He also feels 100% weird and uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person.

Corey blames his stepfather and a Commodore 64 for spurring his love of computers and, eventually, web design. The days of editing solely in Notepad and using groundbreaking technology like tables and flame GIFs may be behind him, but only to focus on new projects based in WordPress.

After spending four years to acquire an Audio/Radio Production degree, it was time to forget everything he learned in college and take on graphic design as a profession. He started out as a print designer for print and publishing shops, taking web design jobs on the side. Now Corey focuses mostly on web design with print design projects cropping up here or there.

When he’s not designing webs or prints, he’s watching way more professional wrestling than is probably healthy, eating too much pizza or drinking too much coffee. It’s a life of excess he can give thanks to web and graphic design for providing. Take that, rock and roll.