Dale Reardon

CEO and founder of Travel For All Guide - accessible and inclusive travel guide, community, directory and blog

Dale Reardon is from Australia and along with his wife, Jo, have founded Travel For All, solving the problems around accessible and inclusive travel :


Travel For All will be a “TripAdvisor for Accessible and Inclusive Travel”, incorporating a community and providing detailed accessible travel information.
Travellers with accessibility needs will have access to trusted, verified and complete information to plan, book and experience travel with confidence.

Dale is legally blind and uses a guide dog, Charlie.
Dale has considerable experience with both online and offline businesses and has been marketing or conducting business online since 1996. Dale is a great believer in the power of community and peer support and the power of technology to help people with disabilities.
Dale is a passionate advocate for equality, anti-discrimination and disability rights and equality.

Dale also advocates for accessible webdesign and has a particular hatred for graphical captchas that frustrate him and so many others.

Twitter: @dalereardon and @travelforall_
Linkedin: http://au.linkedin.com/in/dalereardon
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/travelforall.guide