Dan Knauss

One true sentence is a good day's work.

I'm a writer, editor, speaker, teacher, and dad.

I have worked here at Post Status since 2017 as a writer, editor, and wrangler. Before that, I was a member from the beginning.

This is an important and unique space in the WordPress community, and I'm glad you're here reading this — please reach out if you have comments, feedback, concerns, or ideas for things you think we should be doing or doing differently.

Design. Build.. Sustain…

I've freelanced as a front-end jack of all trades since the late 90s and worked heavily with several once-popular open-source content and eCommerce platforms before WordPress existed.

I used WordPress as a blog until about 2008-09 when it started to become my primary tool to help people use digital publishing effectively. I still have clients I've been with since I started.

I enjoy building websites that people enjoy using, that help them do great work, and are simple to maintain. Typically that means building — and writing — with WordPress.

I also blog about disability, neuropathy, neuromuscular disease, and medical research at cmt.blog.

A native of the Hudson valley region of east-central New York state, I’ve lived in the South, the Midwest, northern New Jersey, and Guam. I’m currently a permanent resident and future citizen of Canada.