Frank Klein

I am a self-taught engineer and educator from Luxembourg. I'm a Principal Engineer at Human Made, and also run

Let me tell you my story that lead me choosing WordPress engineering as a career.

In 2011, I was at a point at which I didn't enjoy my job as a project manager anymore. I wanted to do something else, something that I enjoyed doing.

So I bought a book on PHP, and learned web programming. I quickly landed on WordPress as my tool of choice for creating websites.

But I didn't just want to be a WordPress engineer. I wanted to work on the best projects that the industry had to offer.

So I joined Automattic in 2013 as a Theme Wrangler working on In 2015, I moved onto the WordPress VIP team.

This lead me to join Human Made, where I currently am a Principal Engineer. I've had the opportunity to lead large scale projects for clients such as NewsUKTechCrunch, and Red Bull Media House.

All this would not have been possible without all the articles, books, and courses that I worked through.

As a self-taught engineer I want to help other engineers improve their skills, their career, and ultimately their income.

That's why I launched WP Development Courses, a website dedicated to helping WordPress developers grow their skills, and their income.

I've recently launched WordPress PHP Unit Testing Explained: an online video course that teaches you everything you need to know about writing automated tests for your WordPress code.