FX Bénard

WordPress Translations Expert. Global Translation Editor on WordPress.org CEO & Partner at WP-Translations, The all-in-one solution for your WordPress translations. EDD, MailPoet, Yoast, Gravity Forms and many others luv my skills.

Former traveler and curious of everything. I finally set up my WordPressCamp in the south of France, near Bordeaux with my wife and our 2 children. Hard coffee drinker (I also enjoy sharing a nice glass of pineau with my friends, but “always” with moderation).

I’m the creator and community manager of the whole WP-Translations Ecosystem:

  • WP-Translations.pro, the complete and dedicated solutions for WordPress developers and companies to get their WordPress plugins/themes fully translated.
  • WP-Translations.org, the translators’ community dedicated to WordPress Themes and Extensions Free and Freemium on Transifex.
  • And coming soon WP-Translations.store, the dedicated marketplace for WordPress translations.

Since 2015, I am G (general) T (ranslation) E (ditor) for the French-speaking community on WordPress.org.

To make it simple, I actively participate on many platforms to make WordPress speak as many as locales as possible.